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What we do - Services

  • New Market Entry Strategy:
We provide turnkey market entry solutions to its clients. These range from assessment of situational risk - including political and economic risks, regulatory environment, security situation, and location specific issues - to business intelligence around partners, supply chain and service providers, to creation of a stakeholder management strategy. These elements are tied together by senior level advisory team that works closely with the client. While some elements of market entry services may be in-sourced based on our existing capabilities, LMBRI always finds the best-in-class service providers to advice on specific areas of client need.
  • Strategy and Planning:
We work with our clients in understanding market drivers, economic risks, competition, time-to-market, specific risks related to a product, service, technology, market and geographic location to formulate and plan strategic roadmap with short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.
  • Program Management:
Think about all it takes to initiate, plan, control, execute, and close out a major program. Whether the program in question involves developing a major new technology, installing a state-of-the-art system, reengineering an enterprise, or implementing new processes and tools to improve quality, cost, or delivery performance, launching a new product or service in the market or conducting a regulatory approval process. LMBRI provides comprehensive program management services to its clients. These services range from the establishment of program objectives to the application and tailoring of best practices, as well as providing on-site management and technical skills to execute all phases of the program effectively.
We stand ready to help throughout the development and project lifecycle — from the assessment of market potential in pre-launch stages through the intricacies of product launch and, finally, through that transition period when clients must consider new options for products launch on the market. Along the way, we help clients improve performance and minimize marketplace risk through superior forecasting and trend analysis, customized market intelligence, and improved segmentation, messaging and sales force deployment.
  • Enhancing customer relationships - Cultivate customer relationships and the business will grow
Customer relationships are at the heart of every business: how the people who keep your company afloat are treated. That's what customers do: they pay your wages. But too often we see customers as a nuisance, as difficult, even as incidental to the business. We all go back to the people and places who make an effort, extend themselves and create some kind of connection with us. When we have been well 'managed' we become good customers. Because loyalty and trust are built, dealing with those who treat us well is something we look forward to and appreciate. In turn, when you manage your customers well they will want to come back; they will want to deal with you or your company. They will know that if they present you with a difficulty they're not going to get a blank stare, you won't get defensive or respond with, "Well, it's not really my problem." Actually, we believe that if you create good, healthy customer relationships, people will even forgive you your mistakes (as long as mistakes aren't the norm!). Building customer relationship is building loyalties in the market. It also builds long lasting goodwill in the market that directly impacts revenue through recurring revenue generation. Building a loyal customer base and maintaining a healthy relationship with them are keys to the success of business and its sustainability.
Our experience and proven track record in nurturing and enhancing customer relationship is measurable via revenue increase, market penetration and enhancement in customer loyalties.